Prime Group was founded in Egypt in 1995 with a vision of providing high end products & services to the Egyptian market taking into consideration achieving high quality. Prime Group succeeded in penetrating the Egyptian market in different fields including manufacturing, PRIME HOME brand distribution and retailing.


To help & inspire as many people as possible - whether inside or outside the group - in a way that significantly improves their lives.


To create an organization with progressive thinking and which is able to strategically grow and diversify in a healthy manner that will lead the Group to be an important and strong player in the Egyptian economy.


Running an organization in which employees are empowered and given the chance to exploit all their embedded capacities. - Achieving customers loyalty and not only satisfaction. - Creating an environment where everybody is seeking continuous improvement. - Promoting Win/Win business relations.

Contact Information

Hotline:01113700002 Address: Milsa buildings , Heliopolis , Cairo , Egypt Phone: 01113700002 Email: [email protected]